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Setting up your Products in Protouree


In this video I will be showing you how to set up your products. 
You can't have a tour without something to deliver to your audience. We call this a product. A product can be a performance, a workshop or show case for example. 

You can find products in the products tab under Admin. Let's start back at the opening screen so that you can see where to find it. I click on the "Admin" tab and then I click on products. You can see that there are already 6 products that have been created. Any one of these products can be selected to be delivered by any tour so you should implement your own naming convention to help you to identify which product you wish to use on a given event. 

To create a new product, click on the "New Product" Button. Give the product a name, abbreviation and select your type of product from the drop-down menu. The available product types are configurable so don't worry if this list is not appropriate to your organisation. In this video I have shown you how to manage and create products which you can deliver to your audiences. Before you get started on making some bookings, I would recommend that you watch the video on managing your contacts.

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