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Your Contacts in Protouree


These contacts include:

  • your staff
  • your venues and locations
  • the people that work at your venues and locations
  • freelancers who you employ
  • accommodation such as B&Bs or hotels

Let's take a look at contact management in Protouree.

Starting at the opening screen in Protouree, click on the Contacts tab.
In this demo, there is a number of contacts already entered.  These are either organisations such as venues or individuals.
I can type in a filter field to filter the list.  I'm going to type in Org to see just the venues or locations.

When I click on one of these information about the contact is displayed in the contact editor on the right.
You can see that there are a number of tabs in the editor.

The address tab is self explanatory but it does have an extra feature which is the use of Google Maps to help you to pin point the precise location.
Often the address does not give you enough information, e.g. the location of stage door may be on a different street.
You can grab the pin like this and tweak the location to suit.
This is useful as the precise location will be used for every booking in which you use this location.  Staff using the "On the Road" app will then be able to use the map to orienteer themselves when they arrive.

Comms tab

Comms is short for communications. In the comms tab you can enter the contact details of the venue.
You can also add existing contacts to the venue as you can see here.  You do this by clicking on the "Personnel" button at the bottom right of the editor pane.

Categories tab

In Protouree you can filter your contacts by categories.  You can select the appropriate categories in this tab.  In this instance, the ACE venue type is set to Theatre and the venue category is set to Theatre and Studio Theatre.
If you click on the "Add/Edit Categories" button.
The available categories are different for people. 

Let's look at a person contact now.  I'm going to choose Graham Fletcher.
If I click on the "Add/Edit Categories" button I get a different list of categories.  You might think it strange to see ACE venue type or Accommodation as suitable options but sometimes a person may host an event or have lodgings.
If you want to include this person on your tour as one of your team then they need to have one of the staff categories selected.
Because the list is long, you may need to scroll to get to the "update" button to complete your changes.

Associations tab

When I click on the associations tab, I can see that Graham has an association with Samantha Cooper because they both work at the Adelphi theatre.  Well they do in this demo, they are not real people.
The associations tab can be useful.  For example you may want to know that a freelance lighting person often works with a particular sound engineer.

If I go to the comms tab you can see Graham's contact details at the Adelphi.  You can add in his own personal contact details by clicking on the "Add Comms" button.  You will notice that his mobile number is in a peachy coloured row; this is because it is private and will not be available to other people using Protouree.  You can toggle this on or off.

This is the one location where you manage your contacts including your staff.  
Now you are ready to use these venues, locations and people when you plan your tours.

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