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Overview Of Protouree


In this video I'm going to give you a quick overview of Protouree Tour Management software. 

All you need to access Protouree is a web browser; there is no software to download or install. I'm using Google Chrome but you can use any modern browser. You can access Protouree from your desktop computer, your smart phone or from any other device that has a browser. 

This is the first screen that you will see. Enter your username and password to access your Protouree account. In this video I am logging in as a super user which means that I can choose to view the comprehensive, "In the Office" app or I can choose to view the "On the road" app where I will see my own personal schedule. 

When planning a tour, you will need to use the "In the Office" app, so let's choose that now. 

This installation has been populated with some **dummy tour data**. Here you can see that a tour has already been planned. This is the calendar view, as you can see, the different activities are coloured so that you can see quickly what has been planned. 
By default you will see your schedule in the "Month view". By clicking here, to choose the "week view" you will now get a better idea of the timings of these activities. 

On the right hand side of the screen there is a section called the editor. 
Now I'm going to click on an activity to see all the information in the Editor pane on the right. Using my mouse, I can adjust the width of these panes to suit me; like this. 

You can also look at your activities by type in the list view. Here we see all the bookings that are being planned. I can select "Travel" to manage all my travel activities. If I click on the drop-down field, you can see that there a number of activity types that you can choose from. 

Notice the "export CSV" button? There are many places in the system where you can download a copy of your data. Look for the "export CSV" button towards the top left hand side. 

If I click on the Admin tab, I can now see all the tours that have been planned so far. Before we go any further, I need to explain to you how the system understands a tour. 

A tour has products that can be delivered to your audience 

A product can be a performance, workshop or a talk for example 

A tour has bookings 

Let's go back to the planner to see our bookings. 

A booking has events 

e.g. performances or workshops A booking is a collection of events that are related to each other by the person that books you. A booker is the person that you will be invoicing for all the events in the booking even if all the events are not in the same location. You might be booked to do a workshop in one location and performances in another. These events are grouped together and called a booking. In this booking by the Theatre Severn, you can see that there is more than one performance or workshop event. 

A booking has itinerary activities 

e.g. travel, accommodation or tech activities If I click on the different activities in the calendar, you can see the details in the right hand pane. 

Multiple tours 

Earlier on in this video, I showed you that this demo has 3 tours planned. You are probably wondering how that works. Near the top of the screen you can see a drop down field. If I click on this I can choose a different tour to view. That concludes this overview of Protouree.

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