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Creating an Event in Protouree

Creating an event

In this video I will be showing you how to create an event for your booking.  

To create an event, first you need to have created a tour, at least one product and a booking for the event to be part of.
In the last video we created a booking for the Pepperland Tour.  

  • Let's select the Pepperland Tour and we can see that there are no events or activities planned yet.
  • To create a new event, we will need to first select the booking
  • Navigate to the List view and here we can see the booking that we created: "Sadlers Wells 2022"
  • Click on that booking to open the booking editor

Now we can create a new event.  

  • Click on the "Event" button
  • Give the event a description, let's say "Sadlers Wells 1st night"
  • Choose a product to deliver to your audience

The other fields a self explanatory.  In this case we are going to use “Globals” to save time in re-keying the location etc.

You will now see that there is some data in the "Event Editor" tab.
Global mode is on, you can choose to switch that off again if wish to use another location for this booking.

Set the delivery type to "At Venue" or "online".


These are the people that you have hired to work on the tour.

When you click on the "People" accordion, you will notice that the 3 people that we added to the project when we created the tour are already selected.  I can edit these people by clicking on the "Attach/Edit People" button.
I'm going to remove Steve Woods and add Daniel Craig to this event. 
Notice how Daniel has a different symbol next to him?  This indicates that he has been added just for this event.
You can select one of the people to be the Lead: this is useful if the event is a workshop and you want one of the people to lead the workshop.  
This is just adds the label to the person for reference only.

Website Info

Protouree has an API which you can use to feed tour information to your website.  You can turn this feature off on an event by event basis or at the tour level.
Let's select yes to put this event onto our website and set the "Ticket Availability" to "Last Seats".
I'm going to enter some text in addition

  • The telephone number for the box office
  • Sometimes tickets are sold by a third party e.g. Ambassador Theatre Group www.atgtickets.com
  • And lastly I can add the website for the booker www.sadlerswells.com.
  • Remember to remove the https:/


You can use the Merchandise accordion to record your agreement on merchandise sales with the venue and then later you can record the amounts taken when the event has ended.


In the Comps accordion you can record what complementary tickets you have for this event.  Click on "Add Comps" to add details about the comp tickets that you are issuing.
Let's add a comp for Usain Bolt.

Box Office

In the Box Office accordion you can add details about the tickets, once the show report has been completed you can then compare the information that you collected with the actual ticket sales that you can enter here.


The Reporting accordion is really useful if you are needing to collect stats as part of an application for funding.  Fill in this information so that you can create a report on all your tours.

Now that you have created your first event, let's navigate to the calendar.  
There it is! Your first tour!

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