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Creating a Tour in Protouree

Creating a new tour

In this video I will be showing you how to set up a tour ready for you to start planning your bookings. You need to have a tour defined before you can add anything to it. In this demo installation, I have 3 tours which you can see in this drop down menu. When you select a tour, you see all the bookings related to that tour. 
This is the "Hariet Omenuko Tour", I can also view the "Othello Spring Tour" or the "This Time Next Life Tour". 

Admin Tab

To manage your tours, click on the Admin tab. The first tab is the projects tab, this is where you will manage the basis of your tour. It is called projects because it also allows you to manage things which are not exactly a tour, for example "walkabout" events in the community or a series of lectures. Anything where you would like to group activities together in a logical manner. Here you can see that 4 projects have been already set up. 

View project

Let's take a look at the Hariet Omenuko Tour. Click on the edit button to mange the name and Project code. 

  • As you can see, I have used a different name for the project publicly as I wanted to have a shorter name for use within Protouree.
  • I have given it a project code which I can use to refer to it outside of Protouree if I wish.
  • I click on update to save my changes.

You can see that I can specify what type of project this is. A production requires people to be involved whereas a project that is general does not have any people associated with it. e.g. a lecture tour by one person only. You can see that a colour has been chosen for the entire project, that is so that you can identify this project when using multi-mode. You can choose the colour for the project by clicking on this colour button, click on select when you are done. We'll come back to multi mode in a moment. 

Website & On the Road toggles 

Protouree has an API which you can use to feed your tour data to your website. In the field "Show on Website?" You turn the whole tour on or off. Bookings or individual performances can be toggled off too; you can find information on this in the videos about bookings. Similarly, you can toggle the tour on or off for the "On the Road" app. 


To save you time, you can add members of your team to a project. This means that these people will be added to every event that you create by default and you can then remove or add members to each event as required. * Click on "Project People" to manage the people that are assigned to your project. 

* You can choose one or more members of your team to be the Tour Manager. This allows everyone to see who is managing the tour and it adds all staff schedules to the Tour Manager's "On the Road" app login. 

Create a NEW TOUR in Protouree 

  • Click on the "New Project" button. Give your Tour a name and a project code.
  • This is a tour so I'm going to choose Production as my project type. I'll select a colour for my tour, I'll enable this tour to be shown on my website and to my "On the Road" app users.
  • I'm going to select some people to be on this tour.
  • Lastly I'm going to Activate this project because I want it to appear in my list of projects in my planner. You will also need to set up a product to deliver to your audience. If you have not done so already, I recommend watching the video on Products.
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