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Creating a Show Report or Workshop Evaluation in Protouree


The idea behind the Evaluation section is that you can fill in your show report or workshop evaluation whilst your are on tour and when the details of the event are fresh in your mind.  
You can do this using either the "In the Office" app or the "On the Road" app.

To get started evaluating an event, I navigate to the "Evaluation" tab.  Here I can see a list of all the events that are part of the project "Hariet Omenuko Tour".

Coloured Pills

In the last column marked "Validated?" you will see that there are some coloured pill shaped yes and no fields. 

  • The green "yes" pill shows you at a glance that an evaluation has been completed for the event in that record
  • The red "no" pill shows you that an evaluation has been started but it has some things missing
  • You can also see that the "validated?" column in some records is simply a dash.  This means that no evaluation has been started for this event

I am selecting an event with a red pill.  You can see at the top of the "Show Evaluation Editor" there is a list of all the information that is missing from this show report.  This is so that you can easily see what you need to complete the report.

Show report

Let's take a look at a show report.
Most of the fields are self explanatory so I will focus on the act timings.

Act timings

I'm scrolling down to the section on "Act timings".  To add this information, click on the blue "Add Timing" button.
You will see that this adds a row for you to fill in.  You click on "Add Timing" to add another row.

You will notice that as you add information to your evaluation, the warnings at the top of the editor window disappear.

Creating a show report

Now I am going to show you how to create a new show report.
You can see that some fo the rows have a dash in the "Validated?" column, these are events that need to have a report created.

Click on a row that has a dash in this column and you can see that it will have a button marked "Create Show Report" or "Create Workshop Report".  As soon as you click on this button you will see a blank show report has been created for you and all the required fields have been flagged up for you at the top of the screen.

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