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Creating a Booking in Protouree

Creating a booking

In this video I will be showing you how to create a booking.

If you have watched the "Setting up your Tours" and "Setting up your Products" videos, you will be ready to create your first Booking.

I'm going to select Pepperland from the project drop-down.  As you can see, nothing has been planned yet.
You can create you first booking from the "Calendar" view by clicking on the "New Booking" button or from the "List" view.
Click on the "New Booking" button to begin.  Give your booking a meaningful name and set the status of the booking and click on "Create".

Make sure that you are in the "List" view so that you see your new entry under bookings. Click on the new booking that you have created.  The booking editor window is now displayed and you can start entering the relevant data.

Booking Contacts

To add your booking contacts, click on the "Booking Contacts" accordion.  You will see that Protouree expects some mandatory contacts: this is flagged up in mauve.  Click on "Add Contact" to search for the appropriate person in your protouree contacts.


If more than one event is going to be at the same location, you may want to set some details globally to save yourself some time.  Click on the Global accordion to set the location and contacts.
To select the location, click on "Select Location" dropdown and choose either a location/Venue from your contacts or if that is not appropriate, e.g. you are performing in the community at a walkabout event, choose to enter a temporary location.
Click on "Create Temporary Location" and fill the details.

To remind everyone of the appropriate social media links for the tour, click on "Add Social Media Links" to create each entry.

I'm going to navigate to the "Calendar" view, there is nothing to see here because we haven't yet created an event such as a performance.  
This is correct, your next step is to add in some events to this booking.

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