Straightforward Pricing

We keep our pricing simple and easy to understand. No tricks or hidden extras!

Tour Administrator at their desk

Simple Pricing to Suit You

We have a two ways of paying. Choose the one that suits your organisation.

1. Pay as You Go

With pay as you go, you get the same features as the Pioneer version of the application - see annual contract.  Instead of the annual price, you can pay for the events and activities you need as you go. Ideal for organisations who are just starting out with Protouree.

First, to get going, you need to buy a Pay as you Go pack:

  Booking Events Activities Contacts Projects Products Cost
Pay as you Go 5 5 15 50 1 2 £204.22
Pay as you Go 10 10 30 100 2 4 £386.95
Pay as you Go 20 20 60 200 5 10 £783.88

After you have bought a Pay as you Go pack, you can add to it by buying individual items or simply buy another Pay as you Go pack when you're ready.

Item Price per item
Booking events £2.00
Activities £1.00
Contacts £1.00
Projects £49.99
Products £39.99

2. Annual Contract

With an annual contract you get to create an unlimited number of

  • events
  • activities
  • projects
  • products
  • contacts

There are two plans, which give you the following features:

Monthly £224
Annual £2,460 (save £228)
Monthly £497
Annual £5,467 (save £497)
Personal Schedules    
Equipment List    
Booking Checklist    
Users 10 Unlimited

Protouree Integration

Protouree can display the tour list on your website. Control it all from Protouree to make sure that your tour dates are always up-to-date.

Protouree can also communicate with your finance package to ensure that your invoice data is always correct keeping you and your accountant happy!

Every organisation is different so if you want to know more about how Protouree can be adapted to your needs then please get in touch with us by using our contact form or give us a call on +44 (0)1462 423 297 for a friendly, no-obligation chat.