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Booking Management

Whether your programming fits into a single budget stream or into more than one, you can easily access and organise all your booking and programming information. Create projects then add bookings and events - you'll be able to see things clearly on the calendar view or use the easily searchable lists. There are also handy task lists to improve your workflow. 

Drawing of a booking editor form
  • Manage bookings - including tentative and confirmed
  • Schedule performances for each booking
  • Mark performances as physical (at the venue), online or both
  • Record social media hashtags and links for events
  • Manage the tour list on your website

Event Management

Everything you need to schedule the events for your tour and view them “at a glance” on the calendar or display them in a list for easy management. Planning your tour couldn't be any easier.

Event Management illustration
  • Set the start and end dates and times
  • Select the cast and crew who need to be there
  • Choose a venue or even a temporary “pop up” location
  • Specify the type of event such as performance, rehearsal, travel, accommodation, etc
  • You're not limited to the types of events - you can create your own
  • Record comps - who needs them and how many
  • Select whether the event should appear on your website, and if so, what should display
  • Record merchandise and box office takings
  • Record audience profiles
  • Specify event accessibility - signed, captioned, relaxed, etc
  • Icons help you to see the event type at a glance
  • Record social media tags and marketing information for performances

The Planner

Here's where you dig in deep and get down to the intricacies of your tour or event just a collection of events.

The useful ‘multi-mode’ feature lets you see who is meant to be where, at a glance! Even if they are assigned to different projects or tours.

On the road, your cast and crew will always have their latest schedule and know exactly where they're supposed to be and when.

illustration of tour planning screen
  • Events are grouped into projects for ease of management
  • A project can be a whole tour or just a logical collection of events
  • View and manage one or more projects at the same time
  • Overlay two or more projects on the calendar to get the full picture!
  • Select venues, including location maps, addresses and key contacts
  • Assign your team members to each event
  • Plan and book activities such as accommodation, rehearsals, photo shoots, meetings etc
  • Plan your travel by van, car, train, coach, air, ferry and even self-arranged!

Personal Schedules

Protouree's "On the Road" facility gives your team members their personal itinerary for all the projects and events they have been assigned to. It's designed to be used on mobile phones or tablets and works equally as well on a laptop or desktop. All your team members will have immediate access to their itinerary as well as being able to see straight away if anything changes. 

  • Mobile friendly layout
  • Personalised view for each team member
  • Use a calendar or a list to see where they're supposed to be and when
  • Day view shows the details of what you're doing each day
  • Ability to fill out evaluation reports for authorised team members


The unique tasks view lets you concentrate on the job at hand from recording box office figures to checking for overdue invoices.

Focus on the task at hand and quickly move through all the bookings and events on your tour to get things done quickly and easily.

  • Manage specific tasks for all events in a tour
  • Task list shows "at a glance" the status of each task
  • Manage tasks for one or more tours
  • Filter tasks by type, eg: Financials, Invoices, Box Office, Reporting, Website Info, Comps, Merch, etc
  • Super quick search filters to find a specific item


You can quickly and easily plan multiple concurrent events and tours!

Whether your programming fits into a single budget stream or into more than one, you can easily access and organise all your booking and programming information. 

  • Events are grouped into projects and a project can be a tour or just a collection of events
  • View and manage a single project or overlay two or more projects to get the full picture!
  • Events are colour coded to identify which events belong on each project
  • Identify possible collisions in the programming
  • Easily move bookings and events between projects
  • Multiple projects can be managed from the calendar or from easy-to-use lists

Contacts Management

Store all your contacts in one place - venues, hotels, staff, freelancers, bookers, promoters, funders and everyone else. Categorise them and create links between them. 

Once your contacts are set up, it's a simple matter of selecting the ones you want when creating bookings and events.

  • Intuitive, fast filtering to find the contact you're looking for
  • Powerful advanced searching
  • Easily find and identify organisations and people
  • Address information, including map location
  • Multiple contact numbers, email addresses and social media links
  • Each contact can be assigned to one or more categories
  • People have their own contact details and can also be assigned to the organisations they work for
  • Easily see who works with who using loose associations
  • Venue details can include specific information, such as capacity and Local Authority
  • Tag facility to allocate keywords to contacts
  • Safety feature – contacts cannot be deleted whilst assigned to an event
  • See at a glance if a contact is assigned to an event or booking, including where they are used and how many times.


Never miss an invoice again! Protouree will automatically generate an invoice for each booking. You simply fill in the amount owing and send it out.

Overdue invoices are flagged for action making it easy for you to chase late payments.

Invoicing feature illustration
  • Create and raise invoices
  • Record event income, additional income and deductions
  • Record PO numbers and invoice description
  • Record invoice sent and paid dates
  • Set invoice terms and due date
  • The system will let you know when an invoice is overdue
  • Easily see all late invoices, included number of days overdue
  • Re-issue invoices, including “overdue”
  • Record invoice payments and amount paid

Prebuilt Reports

Protouree has a number of reports that you can use straight away. 

Reports can be viewed in the app or exported to your favourite spreadsheet for further analysis.

  • Say goodbye to lengthy manual data gathering and presentation!
  • Export report data to spreadsheets
  • Select projects and date ranges for specific data
  • Choose which data you want the report to retrieve
  • Prebuilt reports include Booking History, Evaluation, Financials and Previous Bookers

Build your own Reports

No two organisations are the same, which is why the ability to create your own reports is important.

Simply select a data-set and create a report that fits your needs in no time.

  • Choose the data that is relevant to your goals
  • Choose the columns you want to see
  • Export report data to spreadsheet
  • Ability to select projects and date ranges for specific data
  • Especially useful for reporting to funders

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation reports made easy! 

Your tour manager or lead can fill out each after-show evaluation on-the-road and you get to see it in the office straight away.

Performance Evaluation
  • Available on the road for completion, after the event
  • Secure access - you control which of your on-the-road crew can fill out the evaluations
  • Access to the evaluations can even be assigned to crew members on an event-by-event basis
  • Completed reports are available immediately in the office
  • Incomplete and missing evaluation reports are flagged
  • Use the Reporting system to compile all the data from your evaluations

Don't just take our word for it...

Vamos Theatre tours all over the world - from major theatres to care homes – and we can do this because our business is underpinned by Protouree. Intuitive and easy to use, it’s enabled us to thrive, even during lockdown, and work effectively, flexibly and responsively at all times.

Importantly, Protouree has been built by people who really understand arts companies and what we need.

It has exceeded all our expectations...

Rachael Savage Executive and Artistic director, Vamos Theatre (UK)

Photo from production Dead Good by Vamos Theatre

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